My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1635

Chapter 1635: Good day, sister-in-law!

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Zuo Jia turned her face away and wiped her tears haphazardly. “Let’s go!”

Fu rongting followed her out, but he saw two familiar figures not far away.

The other party didn’t notice them, but Zuo Jia suddenly stopped and didn’t want to move forward.

Not far away, Jing Xi was holding a report in her hand with a smile on her face. Lou Ziling was smiling gently at her. He even lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead, not caring about the people coming and going.

Zuo Jia’s eyes were stung by the scene.

So it wasn’t that he didn’t know how to smile, it wasn’t that he wasn’t gentle, he just gave all his love to Jing Xi alone.

“Ziling, I’m not dreaming, right? Are we really having a baby?”

“It’s not a dream, it’s real. Don’t eat too much cold or spicy food in the future, stay away from those messy gases, don’t research new things, and don’t run around. Stay at home and rest well …”

Lou Ziling explained a lot of things to take note of in detail, then put an arm around Jing Xi’s shoulder and slowly walked out.

Jing Xi looked up, happiness overflowing in her words, but she seemed a little willful and coquettish.””I’m in good health. The doctor said that I don’t have to be too careful. I’ll do what I have to do. I really want to eat spicy food now!”

Zuo Jia stood still and watched them leave quietly. She refused to appear in front of Lou Ziling again.

Zuo Yan had already settled Lou Ziling’s matter. The court’s original ruling had been changed to not guilty.

Zuo Yan had been frightened by Zuo Jia’s illness for a few days.

The person who should be punished had not been punished, and instead, his precious daughter had fallen seriously ill. Zuo Yan’s grievances did not need to be mentioned.

Fu rongting stood behind Zuo Jia, his voice a little apathetic. “You’re still thinking about him? I don’t think he’s special at all. ”

A bitter smile appeared on Zuo Jia’s lips.”My father said the same thing.”

In fact, Zuo Yan’s original words were,”what’s so good about Lou Ziling?” He was cold and emotionless, but Fu rongting was much better than him. He was born into a good family, had a good temper, and was well-known!

“You haven’t recovered from your illness yet, so hurry home and rest. He’s married and has a child. If you don’t want to snatch him away, it’s better to forget about him. ”

Fu rongting took her out. The weather outside was gloomy, and there was no light at all.

Zuo Jia was silent all the way back to the villa.

Fu rongting didn’t say much. He first dropped Zuo Jia off at her house, then went out to buy her breakfast before leaving.

Zuo Jia had originally been on guard against Fu rongting suddenly jumping in from the window at any time, and had wrapped herself up tightly the whole day.

However, she didn’t expect that Xi Ying and Zuo Yan would be the ones to deliver her lunch.

Zuo Jia had quarreled with her parents for a few days, and now she had stopped. She had always been sensible and obedient, and never needed her parents to worry about her. This time, Zuo Yan had gone too far, and she was too angry.

“Mom, where’s Fu rongting?”

Xi Ying had deliberately pushed Fu rongting over to take care of her daughter for a few days so that the two young people could spend more time together.

When she heard Zuo Jia ask about him, Xi Ying smiled and said,””He went back to carry out a mission. He left in a hurry. It was an urgent mission, so he didn’t have time to tell you.”


Zuo Jia nodded and stopped asking.

“He took care of you, shouldn’t you at least show him your gratitude?”

“Okay, I’ll send him a text message later.”

“Can text messages be sincere? You should express your thanks in person! Our Zuo family has always repaid kindness with kindness and hatred with hatred!”

Zuo Yan knocked his daughter’s head as if she was a blockhead.

Zuo Jia covered her forehead and snorted at her father. “Didn’t he leave already?”

“Can’t you go and find him after he left?”

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” Zuo Jia blinked.

Zuo Yan took out a plane ticket from his pocket and slapped it on the table.””Look, I’ve already bought the plane ticket for you. You’ll leave from city W at 9 a.m. Tomorrow and reach city K in two hours. You can also treat Rong ting to lunch!”

Zuo Jia couldn’t help but laugh.”It turns out that you and my mom have already set up a trap for me. You’re just waiting for me to jump in!”

She glanced at the ticket and put it away after some thought.

“Didn’t he go on a mission? I can go?”

“Yes, why not? If the daughter-in-law of the Ministry of National Defense wants to visit her son, who would dare to stop her?”

Zuo Jia swallowed a mouthful of water and started coughing.

“Dad … What … Is this?!”

“Didn’t rong ting tell you? His grandfather is very satisfied with you and has set his sights on you as his granddaughter-in-law! If you don’t believe me, you can ask him. ”

Zuo Jia was shocked. This was impossible. Fu rongting must know that she liked Lou Ziling. How could he be willing to be with her?

She was hesitating whether to go or not, but now it seemed that she had to go.

She had to ask him face to face. Otherwise, it would be too much pressure for her to bear the blame for the marriage rejection.

The next day, Zuo Jia got on a plane to K city.

After getting off the plane, she changed cars three times according to the address given to her by Zuo Yan. It took her nearly five hours to reach Fu rongting’s camp.

She was already so hungry that she was dizzy. She wanted to call Zuo Yan and laugh at him, but she didn’t have the energy.

Didn’t she say that she still had time to treat Fu rongting to lunch?

It’s almost time for dinner!

She thought she would be eating with Fu rongting, so she didn’t want any of the food on the plane!

There were Special Forces soldiers wearing bulletproof vests and holding guns everywhere in the camp. When they saw Zuo Jia dragging her suitcase, they immediately stopped her.

“This is an important place for soldiers to stay. Leave quickly!”

“Hello, my name is Zuo Jia, Fu rongting’s friend. Is he here? I’m here to look for him. ”

The soldier standing guard looked at Zuo Jia in confusion, but he quickly reported through the walkie-talkie,””Boss, there’s a woman called Zuo Jia looking for you. Please give me your instructions!”

Fu rongting’s voice quickly came from the walkie-talkie,””Who is it? I repeat!”

The soldier looked at Zuo Jia with even more doubt. “What’s your name?”

“Zuo Jia, Zuo as in left and right, Jia as in beauty.”

Zuo Jia’s name came from the famous line,”there are beautiful women in the North, peerless and independent.” This line had been written by his grandfather and grandfather in different calligraphy characters and hung on the walls of their living rooms. When Fu rongting had followed his grandfather to Zuo Jia’s grandfather’s house, he had seen this line. Zuo Jia had even explained to him why his grandfather would hang such a line.

The soldier followed Zuo Jia’s instructions and repeated it to Fu rongting. Fu rongting only said,”stay where you are,” and then went silent.

Ten minutes later, a military jeep appeared in Zuo Jia’s line of sight.

The car stopped in front of Zuo Jia, and Fu rongting got out of it.

He was dressed in a well-ironed military uniform and military boots. He looked calm and capable.

Zuo Jia waved at him with a gentle smile.

The soldier didn’t expect that the highest commander of the camp would come to pick them up in person. He quickly saluted Fu rongting, and then saluted Zuo Jia.”Good day, sister-in-law!”

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